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How to improve self-confidence to improve your game

Stress, Coping and Learned resourcefulness

In order to cope learn how to perform under pressure…..

Tennis Balls

Nervous before competition!

Learn how to deal with anxiety..

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Mental skills coaching for Tennis

Roger Federer: Building the mindset to win!

Build the mindset to win and develop the resilience that is needed in sport…

Sports Visualization

Sports Visualization in Tennis

Sports Visualiaztion is a great tool to help deliver excelllence in their performance

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Post Competition

Mental Skills Coaching

Edit mistakes out of your serve…

Learn how to mentally correct mistakes and improve your serve…

John Beeby Sports Psychologist

5 Steps how to increase self-confidence

Learn some useful tips to improving sporting confidence

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Healthy Tennis

Linia Patel

Two top tips from leading sports nutritionalist

Two great tips for serious sports people


Want to make a real difference?

This coming New Year make a difference in your life…

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