Coaching basketball skills

By using all the sensory modalities the body is creating a neurological blueprint internally. When recreating these memories your creating an internal circuit that is then mapped into the body which then aids performance; the psychological blue print creates a neurological structure giving you a physical representation connecting the mind and body. The idea is to try and incorporate all sensory modalities creating what is called a synaesthesia.

Sports Visualization Training

Confidence building training

Build the confidence to win in any arena. Develop and maintain your inner strength and create a belief that will underpin your performance.

Confidence Building Training in NFL

Linia Patel

Keep the focus over the Easter break with these useful tips to healthy eating....

Easter Survival Guide

John Beeby Sports Psychologist

Check out this motivational video. You have to believe you can achieve to build the confidence to win. You can taste the will to win in these fighters....

The belief to win comes from within….