5 Steps how to increase self-confidence

John Beeby Sports Psychologist

Sport Psychology: 5 Steps how to increase self-confidence

Understanding how to increase self-confidence in sport is crucial to successful performances. So how do i build it ??? Ask yourself these simple questions; What is confidence? What is it you have lost confidence in? Can you define what you mean?

The point being if you know what you have lost confidence in you can then start to focus on getting it back. True confidence is knowing that you are going to do what you say you’re going to do. Training often defines confidence competition refines confidence…..

Consider the following 5 simple but effective tips to help how to increase self-confidence:

1. Ask your self: How specifically do you want to be confident about yourself ?

Understand what confidence means to you. Where and what specifically have you lost confidence in ? Allowing yourself to identify what factors of your game you are struggling with will allow you to make the required change to improve your confidence.

2. Model a confident person:

In sport there have been many role models and sports people that have achieved great success in the past, Pele, Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods to name a few…. Take an athlete that has the factors of confidence you wish to achieve and watch their attitudes, values and beliefs. Understand what it is they have that you would describe as confident and how they show it in performance. Modelling significant others can be a powerful way to learn and develop to build success.

3. Be prepared for whats about to come:

Preparation is an important component to success. You believe that you have fully prepared than you are more likely be confident for whats about to come. Forward planning will help avoid potential distractors to performance. Can you remember a time when being late has affected your pre-game preparation or how being dis-organised resulted in a cost to your preparation before entering the arena!

4. Take control of your self-confidence:

Self-confidence can change but only if you do something about it. Taking small manageable steps will help you overcome potential barriers that you may encounter in performance. feelings of personal control will lay the foundation for confidence to grow.

5. Body Language:

Create a positive image of yourself out on the pitch. Stand tall, have eye contact, speak clearly and be in control of your actions. Creating this positive impression will build upon your ever growing confidence attitude.