Blue Monday 21st January: Regain Control!

Healthy Eating


It’s here again: Blue Monday (21st January 2013). According to research, the third Monday of the New Year is when all your best intentions go flying out the window. The New Year Detox is forgotten. You start hovering up food like there is no tomorrow.  The large glasses of vino make another appearance and exercise…? Oh – it’s far too cold for that?!

How exactly do you stay on track and keep your spirits high through Blue Monday and beyond? These simple tips are guaranteed to keep you:

  • Don’t skip meals! Sounds so simple – yet so many of us are culprits. Skipping meals causing blood sugar levels and your mood to plummet. Don’t do it! Make sure that you are eating at regular intervals. Eat small, regular meals every 2-3 hours.
  • Aim for balance: The most effective and sustainable eating plans includes foods from all parts the food groups – lean protein, wholegrain carbohydrates, low-fat diary, and plenty vegetables and fruit.
  • Perk up with Protein: Including a source of protein at every meal and snack not only keeps you alert but it help regulate your appetite and keep those sugar cravings at bay.
  • Become a fish fan: Research shows that omega-3 fats play a role in how well your brain functions and also helps reduce your risk of depression.   Boost omega-3 levels up by having have oily fish (salmon, fresh tuna, kippers, herring) at least twice a week. If you are not a fish-fan sprinkle flaxseed on your soups/ yogurt and have a small handful of walnuts as a snack.
  • Chill out with carbs: Carbs have been shown to produce the hormone serotonin which makes you feel good and promote a sense of calmness. Make sure you choose the right carbs. Go for slow release carbs such as wholegrains, vegetables and fruit  (berries, apples or citrus fruit).
  • Concentrate on portion control: Being able to enjoy your favourite foods in moderate portions make you feel less deprived and therefore minimising the risk of binges.


Article provided by leading Sports Nutritionalist Linia Patel

Linia Patel
Consultant Dietician