Private Consultations

In the pursuit of excellence, the difference that makes the difference is all that matters.

Our practitioners will work with you on the structural components of your individual performance psychology. Personal consultations are as results focussed as you are. This is a unique, cutting edge and content-free approach working on unlocking resourceful states rather than involving weighty cognitive analysis. Therefore, no matter what your arena of excellence, from rugby to darts, sprinting to martial arts, musicianship or dance we can provide practical performance enhancement. This service is also open to life coaching and personal developing from personal growth to executive coaching.

Our one-to-one consultations for sport performance are most suited to high level amateur and professionals who have psychologically-related performance problems and/or are performers who are simply looking to map the consistent achievements they get in training into the competition/performance context.

Consultations are considered on an individual case basis and are strictly subject to application.