Easter Survival Guide

Linia Patel

Just when  you thought all the  holidays were behind you and no longer threatening your weightloss, along comes the chocolate fest of Easter.  The risk of indulging a little too much and pilling on a few pounds is always a possibility!   Supermarket alleys filled with towering displays of chocolate bunnies and ostrich-sized eggs and family and friends are planning massive feasts. Fear not! Help is at hand. Here is your Easter Survival guide.

1.  Start the day a special Easter eggy brekkie. Poached or scrambled egg on wholegrain toast will keep you fuller for longer and make you less tempted to graze on chocolate all day.

2.   Remember size does matter! Large Easter eggs (100g) contain over 500 calories which is almost a third of your daily intake if you are trying to lose weight. Go for small egg individually wrapped eggs instead. The act of unwrapping each egg will help you to eat less in one sitting.

3.   Choose quality over quantity. Dark chocolate eggs are lower in sugar and therefore calories than milk chocolate eggs. They also contain antioxidants which science has shown is vital for a strong immune system and keeping heart disease at bay.

4.   Balance things up. The secret to enjoying a little chocolate over the Easter Holiday is in balance. If you feel you have over indulged, make sure you reduce your portion size of your next meal or snack. Or better still, brave the weather, wrap up + go for a brisk walk.

5.   Be different. Easter doesn’t have to be all about chocolate. Step out the mould this Easter and give presents that don’t involve chocolate. Story books or for children, flowers, baskets of fresh fruit and packets nuts make excellent gifts.


Article provided by leading Sports Nutritionalist Linia Patel

Linia Patel
Consultant Dietician