Improve your portion control this Christmas…..


As Christmas approaches and the parties begin we are often left feeling over indulged and full to the brim by the time Christmas day arrives. Now its time to make a difference before Christmas day and take control of your eating habits. One great way is to control portion sizes. We are often told to finish the plate otherwise we are wasting the food….well why not control the size of the portion in the first place! When controlling your portion sizes you might find that you don’t feel as full as you would normally. Don’t worry – you just need to let your body adapt to the new portion sizes. So here are a few tips to get you through and help trick the body and mind:

  • Be wary of the TV. If you you’re hungry while watching TV, measure out a specific amount of food and put the bad away before you sit down.
  • Make meals last 20 minutes. This is as long as it takes for your stomach to signal to your brain about feelings of fullness. 
  • You should never finish a meal feeling so full you are about to explode… so think twice before second helpings.
  • Use smaller sizes dinner plates + bowls for your meals – this will trick your mind to thinking you are eating more.
  • Drink a glass of water before each meal
  • Have a small ball of broth before each meal (this maybe a miso soup or veggie broth)
  • Load your plate with plenty of fibre this will help with a fuller feeling