Strategies for developing attention

West Ham Academy Players

Strategies for those children and youth players that have problems with sustaining their attention…… Working within academy sport the pressure and demands on the children and youth players to perform has never been greater. Sport provides an environment that with the correct strategies can support and develop skills for those children and young players who present with inattentive and active behaviours.

Here are four simple strategies for coaches and instructors to use in their coaching sessions:-

1) Have a clear set of rules, defining which behaviours that are allowed and which are not, in the training environment. When giving directions or instructions ensure the individual with inattentive and active behaviours is positioned near to the coach

2) Have a session plan that incorporates a variety of activities

3) Minimise the distractions in the training environment

4) Praising the individual’s efforts throughout the session will help to maintain focused and on task behaviour

5) Provide instructions that are simple, precise and clear