Prepare for the big event….

With the last stages of the NFL, we see again the drop in performance by individuals that can often be the difference between winning or losing. These professionals will have had by now vast amount of experiences to draw upon to cope with the challenges that are presented to them. However, again you see missed kicks, missed throws and poor decisions. So why do professionals at this level still make so many mistakes?

In reality there are many factors that can contribute to reasons why one does or doesn’t perform. However, many performances fail due to a loss of performance state. Take the ‘double doink’ by Cody Parkey this weekend. What an unlucky miss! A kick that I am sure he has performed 1000 times and in fact was successful 3 minutes prior. However, a flag, a distraction, a stop in play was enough to cause the subsequent result the ‘double doink’, what I argue as a loss in his performance state.

My experience in elite sport and research into the psychology of sport leads me to firmly believe that your preparation going into these big events is crucial to developing a greater resilience on the pitch. Despite your level, despite your experience you can always improve, sharpen and re-focus in preparation for up and coming performances. Learn from these high performance situations that show us lessons, don’t leave preparation down to the day of performance or risk losing your ‘state’!!!

Understanding how sports visualization works will give you the added edge to your performance, whether its in preparation, dealing with previous errors or working through scenarios this technique is an essential component to your performance. Click on the link to step through a bite workshop to teach everyone how to understand why and to be able to effectively apply the skill set, for free!

Sport Visualization skill workshop