Want to make a real difference?

The New Year brings around the opportunity for people to set new aspirations for the coming year.  Many try to succeed but fail to keep the focus with what they set out to do. How often have you decided to go on a diet, decided to exercise more, work harder or even spend more time with the family and you find that within two weeks you have become distracted and lose focus with what you set out to achieve.  A key feature to making a realistic difference is about understanding what you are actually trying to achieve.  Ask a simple question; What is my intention? How will one achieve? How does one measure what is succeeding?  People set themselves up to fail because they fail to actually understand what is expected of the goal or challenge they have set themselves. This in conjunction with setting unrealistic and unattainable targets makes it difficult to effectively achieve. The feelings of negativity contribute to the loss of what is trying to be achieved and can consequently affect the ability to maintain focus and eventually can be the trigger that leads to fail.

The ability to be successful is primarily restricted by the mindset….. Psychological states can either positively or negatively affect behaviour and perception of one is trying to achieve. Everyone has the capacity to make a change in their life and attain their own expectations.  However, you have to also recognise that there are some factors in life that are beyond our control and provide challenges along the way.  In order to understand where you are and what you really want to achieve you need to know what it is you want. This is one of the reasons that people fail to achieve what they initially set out.  Ask this question and it will provide you with a point to which you can bring about change. For example, there is no point in starting a diet without seriously considering the ramifications of what you have set yourself.  What does going on a diet really mean and how does it serve your expectations of what you’re trying to achieve. For example, if you want to go on a diet for a healthier lifestyle, than having a healthier lifestyle is also compiled of other components to which exercise is one. Under taking a diet plan without this consideration is a waste of time because in isolation the diet is only part of what it means to be healthy.  A holistic approach would be a greater appreciation of what it means to be healthy. What level you take it too depends on what your eventual goal’s are.  Therefore it is important that you have a positive mindset that is prepared to deal with change.

By recognising you want to achieve something is the first step to making a possible change.  The significance is very powerful and has the potential to positively affect your entire life. Changing your attitude and view of life can have an important impact on health, well-being and productivity for both a happier and more successful life. Health and safety Executive statistics for 2008/09, suggest that 11.4 million working days were lost in Britain due to work-related stress, depression and anxiety. There are some organisations that lose sight of the employees and it wouldn’t be uncommon for employees left feeling like just another number.  This is out of your control but there are aspects in your life you can control and it is far better in channelling your energy into effective strategies for personal growth. Time needs to be taken over deciding on what you want and how you can achieve what you want.  Life is like a journey through which you can choose and decide which way to go. This journey can be challenging so preparation is crucial, it is important to develop a positive attitude, have clearly defined goals, be highly organised and completely understand your intentions.  Too often these key features to success are neglected and consequently a negative experience. The ability to be able to self-reflect and evaluate where you are at any one moment and where you might want to be is an important factor in achieving a changing process. So this year move forwards instead of backwards and make a real difference in your life and achieve what you set yourself out to achieve……..

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