Win at any sport – Sport Nutrition Basics

Basket Ball Skills


Whenever highly talented, well-trained and passionate athletes meet in competition, there is always a fine line between victory and defeat. At this level, attention to detail can make the vital difference. What you eat or drink affects performance and has in impact on how well you train and whether you compete at your best. Ofcourse, every athlete is different, however all athletes needs to ensure that they are making food  choices in training, leading up to the competition, on the big day and also whilst they recover.

Five Top Sport Nutrition Tips:

  • Practice makes progress. Use your training sessions as an opportunity to get into good nutrition habits and perfect your nutrition plan.

  • Fuel up with carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide your muscles and brain with the fuel they need to meet the demands of training and competition.

  • Get a good start.  On the day of the competition make sure you start fully fuelled and hydrated.

  • Refuel: Start refueling with carbohydrate and protein foods as soon as possible after competing.

  • Think fluid: Ensure you are optimally hydrated by drinking throughout the day as well as before, during and after exercise.

Article provided by leading Sports Nutritionalist Linia Patel

Linia Patel
Consultant Dietician