John Beeby

John has a real passion for sport and his journey begins back in 1999 when he was selected to represent England in Taekwon-do (ITF).

“During my years as an international i knew many fighters were far more talented and skilful than I was, however, when they stepped into the ring for some reason they were unable to perform to their best but this is where i came alive. To me I recognised then and understand now that the role of psychology on performance can be the difference between success and failure.”

Having competed internationally for 6 years at elite sport, winning medals at both World and European championships he understands fully how the pressure and emotional challenge can present itself in competition and how this may represent itself in everyday life. In order to achieve excellence the right attitude and perseverance is required. To be the best it is the combination of the mental and physical that makes the ultimate difference in performance…..

John uses his vast experience and high level of education to facilitate health enthusiasts, athletes and sportsman alike to achieve their related goals. As a performance based coach and mentor he specializes in the progression and development from both a personal and professional perspective.

John’s qualifications include BASES Chartered Sport and Exercise Scientist, HCPC Registered Sport Psychologist, REPs Level 4, Msc Sport Science and BSc Psychology/Sport Science.

“John’s work ethic is first class and his depth of knowledge on any of his chosen subjects is excellent.” October 2, 2011

– Margo Wells  (World Class Fitness Specialist)


“John has been a great help in keeping me focused and disciplined in my line of work” November 1, 2012

– Francis Rossi (Status Quo)


Matt Roberts: workshop delivery to elite personal trainers within the fitness industry on behavioural change and developing an ever-growing client base (2012).


West Ham United Academy 2011/12

Laura Hamilton Working with Laura Hamilton to help her lose the baby weight and prepare her for T.V


Celena Cherry Worked with Celena Cherry in Preparation for the T.V Show ‘BIG Reunion’ live tour


Paul SackeyWork with Paul Sackey for the Save the Heroes Charity match and on going fitness maintenance