What are Psychometric Assessments ?


The British Psychological Society has described psychometric tests as:

“Assessment procedure designed to provide objective measures of one or more psychological characteristics”

There are many tools used to assess personality. However, not all testing tool meet the requiremnet to be classified as a psychometric test. A test can only be classified if it meets certain technical standards that make them distinct from all other measures or scales. Some of these characteristics include:

  1. The tests undergo statistical analysis and they are both reliable and valid
  2. The creation of these tests are in line with best practice standards
  3. The tests are administered, scored and interpreted in a standard way


These levels of standards are taken seriously and most metrics in the U.K are peer reviewed by the BPS and given independant ratings accordingly. Many test undergo rigorous development and standards for these tests are part of ongoing assessment to measure their reliability and validity for use. Such tests are assessed through qualified practitioners that have been trained in the ability to administer and interept the results. Often with the results there are no right/wrong answers but merely give a description of the characteristics of the individual. This can be incrediably useful when painitng a picture of an individual’s qualities. They can be used to show strengths and areas of performance that compare to norm groups. These broad measures can be a useful starting point when working with individuals as it can help develop and increase awareness about ones self and how they may react to certain situations. A great tool for self-development and providing feedback and deepening insights into qualities of an individual. Used inconjunction with interviews you can deepen the understanding/ characteristics of an individual both as a coach and as an athlete.